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Social Wifi - social wifi

Social Wi-Fi is a cloud marketing platform that can be connected directly to your Wi-Fi network.

Capture your customer data and utilize it for marketing, feedback gathering and more!

How it works?


To connect to your Wi-Fi your customers will need to log in with a social media account or their email address.


You gain access to in-depth information about Wi-Fi users and a set of tools to analyze the data.


Build customer loyalty, encourage more visits and gain reviews with Social Wi-Fi marketing.

Our captive portal allows you gather all the data you need in order to properly communicate with your customers and personalize their experience.

Social media is a huge part of our lives. It is now easier than ever to use it as a login method for your customers, while also providing value for your business.

Sometimes you might want to receive additional information that cannot be provided by simply logging in with social media. We’ve also got that covered.

Using the same network and login method for both your guests and your staff can become problematic. We make sure that both of those groups can easily connect and use the internet seamlessly.

Analytics are a crucial component of Social Wi-Fi. Getting to know who your customers are and how to approach them is vital to any line of business.

Knowing what is the primary target of your company is always a good idea. With Social Wi-Fi, you are now able to learn exactly who your customers are.

View the activity of users who connect to your Wi-Fi network, details regarding their connection and devices, and identify who is connected to your Wi-Fi.

Monitor your customers’ cross-venue activity – their times and numbers of visits, reactions to your messages and campaigns, given ratings and reviews.

Display any sort of content to your visitors, allowing them to easily learn more about your business, the latest events or promotions and offers.

Make the most of your splash page by posting offers, promotions and information for your customers to see immediately after they connect to the internet.

Send your customers vouchers that they can redeem at your venues for various benefits. Increase their loyalty and incentive them to come back to you.

Include widgets such as weather updates, sport scores and other utilities for you and your customers, providing them with all necessary information.

Improve you marketing communication with our automated, targeted and contextual mailings. Make sure your customers don’t miss out on any of your offers.

One of the best ways to keep in touch with your customers is to send them an email. Automate your messages, and make sure that they get to who you want when you want.

Triggered Emails are campaigns that are launched whenever a customer performs a specified action. Encourage your visitors to rate your venue by offering them a discount on their next coffee or simply sending them a thank you note.

Each target group responds to a different approach. Sent emails to your customers with distinctions based on age, sex, language, frequency of visits and more.

Get in contact today to see how Social Wi-Fi can help grow your online presence.